Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Still here

But the weather forecast is still looking good for Saturday. We've been to Betty's Farm to buy a bit more meat, so sausages tonight and liver casserole tomorrow, I reckon.

This afternoon we walked round the marina, then called in at the office to pick up an A3 version of the plans for Walnut Lodge. We've now got the estimate of the costing for the modifications to make it disabled accessible, which aren't quite as bad as we'd feared.

With luck we can get the contract sorted before we leave the marina.

I turned off the shoreline this morning, with the aim of discharging and recharging the batteries a bit, to wake them up before we start relying on them; this plan has so far been frustrated by the solar panels as it's sunny enough to keep up with our power demand today.

Meanwhile, I was shocked to hear that one of my favourite authors, Iain Banks, has terminal gall bladder cancer. He'll be a great loss to both the "non-genre" literary and science fiction fields - I must have read all his books down the years, many of them (especially the Culture novels) many times.

He's only 59, four years younger than I.


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