Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What windy wimps...

… you may well say, but when I looked out this morning whilst making the early tea and saw the snow blowing sideways across the porthole, I thought we might stay just a few more days. The wind has continued to be seriously unpleasant most of the day, still straight out of the East and bitter with it. The thought of standing on the back of the boat with that finding its way in through the gaps was not nice.

So, I've un-cancelled the paper and we've spent the day in the usual way, walking round the marina this morning and going into the village in search of a loaf of bread this afternoon. From the forecast, we should see an improvement by the weekend, so I've done a final Ocado order for Friday.

We've also been invited out for drinks on Alice on Friday night which will make a good start to the cruising season.


I had a look back at the blog for last year and the year before. In 2012, we were just finishing a stay at Braidbar after doing a boat move, so we'd been on the go for a month already.

The year before that, we were at Adderley on the Shroppie, on our way to Norbury for blacking. If you need a fix of actual boating blogs, take a look back then!

Finally, all the best of luck to Jayne on Dolce Far Niente, who's having a day case op tomorrow. We wish you well, Jayne, and hope you'll soon be on your feet again. Or one of them, at least.


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Anonymous said...

Very wise - the wind is bitter - we cruised yesterday - lovely in the sun and shelter, fierce in the breeze!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream