Saturday, 1 November 2014

Dog to dog blog: AGPs need therapy

Hi guys

It's been a while, I know, but that's 'cos Mum doesn't take me to see the AGPs very often these days. Since she's been working in a different place, my new friend Andy comes to see me at lunchtimes. He's a great guy, always up for a snuggle on the sofa as well as letting me out for a bit.

So I've been missing out on my regular visits to the marina, as a result of which the old dears have got themselves in a right state, full of colds and sorry for themselves. I made Mum take me over there to see them this afternoon, after we'd had a good old doze in the morning (we're having very late nights at the moment 'cos of the horrible fireworks). They obviously needed some therapy, taking out of themselves, in fact, so after Mum had persuaded Grandpa to help give me some frisbee chasing time in the field, we loaded them into the car and took them home.

There, Granny was put work weeding the garden whilst Grandpa was allowed to play with Mum's new toy, an iPhone. Mum pretended she couldn't get it to download her email or be a personal hotspot to let her laptop connect to the internet. As a result, Grandpa had a great time fiddling around with it and even managed to get it working the way Mum wanted.

The only thing he couldn't crack was backing the phone up to the laptop; it's a very old laptop and the OS just wasn't right for the job.

Meanwhile I was outside, all the girls together. Granny did a load of weeding, Mum broke up some old wooden border edging to burn in the Squirrel on the boat, and I stayed on patrol watching out for sinister cats, pigeons and so on.

By the end of the afternoon, the AGPs were looking a load better as a result of their occupational therapy and we took them back to the boat. My reward: Mum's promised me a trip to Cannock Chase tomorrow.

Last time we were there, I sniffed out this big old dog fox prowling around and I'd really like to have another look for him.

Take care, all you woofers

Loads of licks

Your friend


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