Monday, 3 November 2014

Another fine day

Up betimes this morning as my surgery appointment was for half ten; it's around twenty minutes to walk down there, so leaving the marina at ten was prudent. Since we were still scoffing breakfast at that time yesterday...

In the event, we were up and about well before and had plenty of time to catch up with email, download the paper and so forth before setting out. Sheila came as far as the Farm Shop to get bread and a cauli, then left me to slog on.

Have to say that the surgery once more showed its tendency to a slight sloppiness. The local practice for diabetic review is for the phlebotomist who takes the bloods and checks the urine sample to do the foot and BP checks as well, but the one on duty today hadn't been trained for that, so a twenty minute slot was wasted on a five minute job.

It makes no odds to me; those checks will be done by the nurse when I go back in two weeks' time (though why it needs two weeks to be sure of getting some routine blood results back is beyond me) just as they were at Alrewas, but it won't be popular with her, I guess.

No matter, I was in and out in good time, stopped off in the Co-op to buy some humous (haven't been in there for ages) and was soon back at the boat.

Sheila, meanwhile, has been doing start of week stuff (the laundry) and start of month stuff (the accounts), so you tell she's beginning to feel better.

This afternoon we took advantage of the bright sun to take a further walk round the marina, buy some self-raising flour in Still Waters and discover that the kindling hadn't arrived at Midland Chandlers when we called. We also had a natter with Ian off Nobby and Dave (aka Dangerous) off Rubyjack, the latter having called in to the marina for a few days.

Just to make a good day complete, Des has just rung me to say that the new Owners' Group website is ready to go and we're starting to issue the members with their logins and temporary passwords.

Isn't it great when everything comes together?

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