Sunday, 2 November 2014

Quiet again

After the excitements of yesterday, we're back to taking it easy today. In fact we had a seriously long lie in and have rather been lazing about since. Highlight of the day was seeing through Inkling next door.

She's a very good example of a modern idiom boat with lots of bright surfaces and curvy bits. Peter and Melanie have brought their experience of their earlier boat to bear on the design of this one, much as we did when we went from Sanity to Sanity Again.

We also made the acquaintance of their two dogs, both Hungarian Viszlas, one just 10 months old. They too were delightful, although the youngster is still very bouncy. Inkling is to be reviewed in Waterways World, probably next month.

Apart from that, we made an expedition to Midland Chandlers, only to find that they are out of kindling at the moment; hopefully, more is due to arrive tomorrow. We also bought some sausages in the Farm Shop to have as sausage-inna-bun with soup after watching the fireworks; it's the marina's display tonight.

Next week should be a bit busier; I'm off down the surgery tomorrow for the blood test that starts the annual diabetic review and on Wednesday it's back to the Eye Clinic to evaluate the impact of the laser treatment last month.

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