Friday, 9 January 2015

As predicted

It has indeed been a wild and windy day, though we've only seen a splash of rain over lunch so far. The wind has been rising all day, and is now rocking the boat as I type this. We managed a walk round the marina this morning; the temperature outdoors is still quite mild so it was not unpleasant.

A visit to Still Waters to order some solid fuel and to the Farm Shop for bread and meat gave some point to the perambulation. We also called into the office to check for post. There was just one item, a set of missives from Lucy including a statement of account for the lodge rentals and a couple of bills, one for gas and electricity and the other our annual licence fee.

Doing the accounts later on enabled Sheila to announce that we have made some profit on the first year's lettings which is pleasing. With any luck, the second year will see a bit of repeat business and some more new lettings.

For the rest of the time, we've been pottering about in the boat on our various tasks.

Fuel and kindling has been brought in ready for the morning and Sheila's getting a washing up done just now.

Elanor brought me some chicken mini fillets yesterday, £1.50 for 300 grams from the Moy Park factory shop; they'll make the core of a chicken chow mien tonight, I think.

Tomorrow, we're going over to Elanor's to help her hang a new roller blind in the kitchen, another of those jobs that really do need more than one person. It'll be an excuse to take some Farm Shop pasties over for lunch, hee, hee...


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