Saturday, 10 January 2015

Objectives achieved

After a relaxed start, we pottered about in the boat doing this and that until Elanor arrived and took us to her house. We'd already been across to the Farm Shop for the pasties, so were ready to go.

Once there, Sheila got busy with a huge stack of DVDs that Elanor's finished with, choosing some to go in the lodge for our guests to use on a rainy day and checking out the resale value of likely looking others, mainly box sets. Individual DVDs tend to be on sale for not much more than a quid, so hardly worth the trouble of putting them on Amazon or eBay and then posting them off.

The balance will be taken to the British Heart Foundation charity shop, whilst I'll be busy tomorrow putting the saleable ones online.

Whilst this was going on, Elanor and I put up a roller blind in her kitchen. It's not my favourite job because of the need to get the brackets exactly the right distance apart, but it got done with no more than the usual grief and hassle.

Back at the marina, we gave Sally a good frisbee chasing session in the continuing strong winds before going our separate ways. Sheila and I have been lurking in the boat since, though Sheila did take a load of washing to tumble dry.

We're planning a quiet day tomorrow and hoping to have a quiet night tonight first; last night was a bit disturbed what with the boat rocking, the wind noise and the sloshing of waves against the hull sides.

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