Sunday, 1 February 2015

Keeping busy

After the excitements of the week, we've settled to the routine of life here once more. This morning we had the luxury of a seriously lazy start before ambling round the marina. We dumped some recycling, checked up on One Day (she was fine) and called into Still Waters where we bought kindling and some peppers.

We also had a useful encounter with Ian off Nobby. When we told him of our floor oiling activities, he passed on the tip to use a sponge to apply the oil. Still Waters had reasonably priced basic sponges, so one was acquired.

Incidentally, Nobby is still on the market, so if anyone wants a gas free sixty footer with trad engine, take a look at the ABNB site.

By the time we got back to the boat it was lunchtime. We improved the shining hour by doing some settings type work on Sheila's new phone before going up the lodge where we were joined by Elanor in due course.

The combination of using a sponge to apply the oil and the car polisher to buff it made for rapid progress. 90 minutes work saw the first half of the lounge diner and master bedroom done and all of the twin bedroom. We've left that lot to dry hard overnight; tomorrow, Sheila and I will move all the furniture around and vacuum and mop the second halves.

Those can then be oiled on Wednesday and there will only be the hall to do.

Elanor went off to take Sally to the Washlands whilst we went back to the boat. Some more phone programming took place; it's amazing how much fiddling around you have to do to get a new phone the way you want it and with all the numbers you want on board.

Tonight, meatballs and pasta, I reckon.

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