Saturday, 21 February 2015

A morning with Grandpa

Hi guys

This morning, Mum and I drove over to the marina to see the AGPs. Mum and Granny then disappeared and I spent the whole time looking after Grandpa; I suppose they think he shouldn't be left on his own.

I was a bit worried at first, it's a lot of responsibility after all, but he mostly wandered about the place doing all those odd things humans seem to have to do to pass the time, instead of just getting their heads down when there's nothing better to do.

After a bit it stopped raining, so we went for a walk round the marina. Lots of small dogs about but none of any great interest to me. When we got back, Grandpa settled down quietly with his iPad thingy so I was able to sit by him and keep an eye out on the pretext of wanting a scratch behind the ears.

It was necessary to stay alert as there was a load of coming and going on the pontoons.

After a bit, Grandpa got himself some lunch. I was busy checking out some Tinkerbells lurking around the stove area and didn't take much notice. It was only when he'd nearly finished that I realised he was eating a pie! I went and sat and looked appealing, but it was no go, the last bit was just disappearing into his mush.

What a swizz! All I got was his apple core.

Mum and Granny came back at last, with a new small bed for me to use on the boat. Granny had bought a flat mat earlier, from the shop at the marina, I believe, but it was too thin to be any use to me. I'd tried digging it up into a better state but no joy. This new one is much better, black and woolly and quite comfy.

After they'd eaten lunch, I finally got a carrot to scoff, a decent sized one, too.

Mum then rewarded me for my hard work by giving me a fluffy toy, a pretend hot dog (ha, ha, ha). It had a squeaker and was very good value as it took me a good ten minutes to tear it open, kill the squeaker and destuff the whole thing. Normally, things like that only last for five minutes or so.

You see, Mum and I have a deal – once a month, she gets me one of these to take apart and I refrain from chewing up anything else in the house the rest of the time.

This afternoon was good too. Mum took me to the vets, one of my favourite places as they give me treats and think I'm wonderful (which I am, of course). Had my shots for the year, general check out (all well) and weighed. Much the same as usual at 37.1 kg, just a bit under 6 stone for those imperial types amongst you.

Yes, that's a lot, but I'm not overweight, honest, I've got a thin bit of fat over shoulders, but my ribs and spine knobs can be seen through my fur.

Just one thing though – if I'm charging towards you, don't move! I'll swerve round, but if you move I might crash into you and then you will fall over...

Anyway, that's all for now. Be good and be careful out there.

Loads of licks

Your friend


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