Friday, 20 February 2015

Busy day

This morning we were up betimes; the Ocado delivery has (very occasionally) been known to be early, so we aim to be ready by half nine. In the event, it was twenty past ten before we got the call from Ronnie, today's driver. He arrived as I was walking round to let him in the gate; apparently it was his first week on the job and he was very keen to press on.

Everything was there and undamaged when we checked it out, so another good deal. By the time it was all stowed away, there was just nice time for sitting down quietly before lunch.

Elanor had brought an acknowledgement letter from Capital One, our credit card company, last night saying that we could expect to hear within thirty days and asking for any further supporting documentation. After lunch I wrote a letter in reply to accompany copies of my final exchanges with Elite, in which we were promised a refund.

We then walked round the marina, stopping off to leave some tumbling in the laundry to queue for the next available machine. The letter was left in the office to catch the next post. It seems we're losing Josh from the team as he's going to set up on his own account selling e-cigarettes and accessories. We'll just have to wait and see who is recruited in his place, I guess.

Further round we had a chat with Ian and Alison; they've got a possible buyer coming to look at their boat tomorrow, so fingers crossed for them.

I also had a call from John about a plan we'd put to them to come and give us a hand in the middle of March when Sheila's post-op recovery coincides with Sanity Again going on the dock. Being very good friends indeed, they are arranging to come and stay with us despite being in the middle of taking over their new boat, Destiny. It should make for another good weekend, as well as relieving anxiety about looking after Sheila and moving the boat.


Tomorrow, Elanor is going to take Sheila away on a clothes shopping trip, whilst I dog sit. Memo to self, buy carrots...

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