Thursday, 5 February 2015

A thaw and a resolution

Unstoppable was very good. It's the first time I've tried watching a film on the iPad and I must say it worked very well. It meant being able to relax in our one remaining recliner whilst giving myself a scary evening. I do enjoy Denzil Washington's acting, what's more.

Sheila got back from her crafty evening just as I finished.

Up betimes this morning to make a batch of bread dough before breakfast. Leaving it overnight has meant that the proving stage has taken too long because the dough is so cold, so I thought I'd try doing it early the same day. In the event, the proving still took a long time, so more practice is needed.

It worked out well, though, as Martin and Anna from One Day came to collect their key (and to present us with a neat pair of NZ interlocking wooden coasters as a thank you present) just as the bread was done. If it had been on time, we'd have been in the middle of scoffing it when they came. As it was, we were able to have a decent natter with them.

I've had an exchange of texts with Glen at Elite. The tale this time was that his partner Chris is suffering from depression and that the chairs had arrived but had had to be sent back because one was slightly damaged. (Why send both back?) He promised a delivery sometime after another two weeks. I stuck to my guns about not waiting longer than a week tomorrow, whereupon he offered to cancel the order and refund our money, an offer which I promptly accepted.

I've no idea what the truth is amongst all this, but I'm just glad it's finished.

I rang Wilsons and had a completely different experience.They have two black Captain's Chairs in stock and will deliver them next Thursday. It could have been Wednesday but we're in Derby that day. No deposit required even, pay on delivery.

Moral of the story: we should have gone to them right at the beginning and not bothered with IKEA Poangs, Florence Recliners or Elite.

The weather has broken with a slow thaw and rain. It should be drier tomorrow, so we put off the final oiling until then as the last stage will involve backing out onto the front step holding a running mains polisher, not a thing to do in a downpour if it can be avoided.

Elanor and Sal are coming round again tonight. Elanor tells me Sally is a bit hurt that her brilliant email hasn't resulted in any comment from you lot, but I'll explain the fickle nature of celebrity to her when I see her ;))


Dave McKenna said...

Hi Bruce & Shelia glD you got the new recliner fiasco sorted. Have you had the refund??
Sorry Sally for not comment but was a love email you sent to the ageing GPs. Pitty they didn't help you

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Sorry, Bruce, my lot are very slow readers...I think they're still on Monday's blog. But they do send houndie regards