Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Quiet day

We've heard nothing further from Elite despite my phone message yesterday. I wrote a letter confirming the substance of the message and walked down to the village to send it recorded delivery, or "signed for" as they call it now.

No, I don't know why either.

We pottered for most of the rest of the morning, then went over to the lodge after lunch. After sorting furniture, we vacuumed and swabbed the hall floor, ending by backing out of the front door and taking the bucket and mop back to the boat with us. Tomorrow should see the final burst of oiling. There's a little bit of a line down the middle of the lounge diner area which can hopefully be obliterated by running the buffer over it once it's picked up some oil from the hall floor.

Tonight's event in the Willow Tree is a craft evening; Sheila's going to take her crochet along whilst I shall have a quiet evening in. I've been planning to watch Unstoppable courtesy of Elanor for several weeks and this looks like it might be my chance to do so.

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