Friday, 6 February 2015

Bright and chilly

It looks like we're having one last day of bright but cold weather before we get some cloud and rain over the weekend and into next week. It's scheduled to warm up a bit, too, which will be welcome even if it gets a bit dull.

Matthew in the Onion van delivered our Ocado order in good time and commented on what a nice marina we live in, an opinion with which we concur. Unfortunately, the packing wasn't as good; putting the apples or a bag of flour in first and then adding a bottle carrier full of wine on top isn't a good way to go about it.

Nothing was actually so damaged that I felt the need to ask for a refund but it's a good job I was eating an apple for my lunch. I've sent an email to Ocado with some feedback both positive and less positive as they say.

After feeding, we went up to the lodge and did the final burst of oiling and buffing. It was only after we'd carefully backed out of the front door and were tidying up that the penny dropped that we can come and go – and lock up – through the French windows onto the decking.


Heigh ho, next year we'll do it a bit differently. Apart from anything else, we reckon that with a bit more organisation we could get two coats done during the closed period, which would be even better. Some of the high traffic areas were very thirsty for the oil.

Once all that was sorted, we had a walk round the marina, called in at Still Waters for one or two things and popped into the office to check for post. This included a confirmation of my dermatology appointment and a letter confirming a phone call Sheila had had earlier in the week from the orthopod secretary putting her op back by a week.

This latter actually works slightly better for us as it means that she'll be able to go straight into the lodge post op, the next week being the one that we've booked for Sanity Again to go on the dock at Shobnall. It just means that Elanor and I (and possibly Sally) will have to take the boat down there on the Sunday.

How good it is to have a daughter who is also a competent boat woman.

And none of us have ever done an RYA course in inland boat handling, I really don't know how we've managed these past forty years...


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