Saturday, 7 February 2015

Mild and busy

It was indeed less cold last night with no frost at all. It's been very pleasant today, not very damp and bright and clear. We've been busy getting on with our tasks as well as doing essential things like perusal of the paper and tackling the Indy Giant GK crossword.

We put in a walk round this morning at the end of which we bumped into Peter and Katy with whom we're setting this month's quiz. We've arranged for them to come round on Monday afternoon for a planning session.

After lunch we went up to the lodge and did a good session of sorting out and tidying. The floors look much better for the oiling, though there's a bit of a problem with the carpet runner in the hall which is slithering around rather. I suspect we'll have to put it out of the way for the first couple of lets until the traffic has reduced the slipperiness.

Elanor and Sal came round later on. Elanor gave me a hand to reposition the double bed and put that bedroom to rights before we took Sal for a game of copse and rompers.

The waterfowl are showing signs of territorial behaviour; we've had a pair of coots knocking seven bells out of each other under the finger pontoon between us and Caitlin Jayne, an incredible splashy racket.

Sheila's taking part in the WeBBS walk tomorrow morning; they should have a good day for it.

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