Thursday, 19 February 2015

Definitely damp

By the time we got started this morning, the promised rain had arrived together with a bit of wind. It was clearly a day for lurking in the boat and that's what we've done, though it has now dried up earlier than forecast. This is good, as it's a Sally walking evening.

I got washed and dressed, then mixed up a load of bread dough and put it in the barely warmed oven to rise. Breakfast was consumed and we settled down to some serious newspaper reading and the like whilst the rain drummed on the roof. It had felt quite mild to start with, but lighting the fire was a great comfort and did something to keep condensation at bay.

This afternoon, Sheila loaded our copy of the Opera Australia Pirates of Penzance on her iPad, plugged in our good headphones and sat back. I decided to watch an episode of Blakes7 I had already put on mine but we soon discovered that the headphones, though over-ear in design, weren't enough to keep the products of the BBC Stereophonic Workshop out.

I hunted in the cables and connectors drawer of the desk and found the earbuds that came with the iPod all those years ago. These were fine for today but they are a) not very frequency responsive by modern standards and b) become rather uncomfortable after half an hour; I've ordered a new set of Betron B550s that seem to have half decent reviews without costing the earth. They are noise reducing so hopefully will allow us to play this game of watching two different shows at the same time without more hassle.

The Blakes7 was over well before the Pirates, of course, and the rain had finally stopped, so I nipped out and went to Still Waters for more milk and oranges whilst Sheila was still watching.

Tomorrow, an Ocado delivery; it looked yesterday as if it was going to be another wet one but I'm pleased to say that it's now looking quite dry, hooray.

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