Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Not too strenuous

A bit of a lazy day today, though we've not been totally idle. The fine weather continued as we walked round to the office and then to Midland Chandlers to spend the voucher we won in the Help for Heroes raffle. I put it towards a couple of cans of engine oil which we lugged back to the boat in our daysacks.

The rest of the bright morning went by doing this and that in the boat; it was one of the days when I'd nearly finished the paper before lunch.

Afterwards, we took a proper walk round, dropping off the recycling on the way. As we went, the big crane came by and a trombo was to be seen struggling to get through the gate with a big widebeam on board. They all seem to be painted in rather dull black and grey combinations these days, making them look even lumpier than they are.

Mushrooms, peppers and onions were bought at Still Waters; Elanor had brought me a big pack of cooked chicken fillets from Moy Park last night. Some of it went into sandwiches for lunch, I'm going to put most into a Cajun sauce tonight and will have enough left for a risotto tomorrow, probably.

Not bad for two quid...

Back at the boat, we did various IT chores before lapsing into loafing mode again. The forecast is pretty ferocious for the next couple of days, heavy rain and wind, so we'll just have to entertain ourselves as best we can.

What a hardship, though it's rough on folk trying to enjoy half term.

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