Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Finished in the lodge

It was a mild night and a misty, murky sort of morning. After a relaxed start, we ambled over to the lodge where I washed the outside of the windows and Sheila did the inside. We also rolled up and stored the carpet runner in the hall until a bit of traffic has taken the shine off the oiled floor.

Both in and out, we finished the windows by rubbing with old newspaper. I wonder, just why does that work so well? If you wipe the uPVC sill with the paper, it leaves a mucky streak, but not on the glass.

After lunch, we took a walk round the marina as usual. Sadly, the clouds had gathered and the humidity was very high, giving an unpleasantly raw feeling to the air, but we kept moving and didn't chill down too much.

Popping into the shop to buy some milk, we picked up a copy of the latest Canal Boat. Haven't checked our score on the Christmas Quiz yet; apparently it actually came down to a draw for the winners, so we may not have disgraced ourselves even if we weren't in the money (or rather, whisky) this year.

Back at the boat, Sheila collected the last load of laundry from the tumble drier whilst I did routine chores like emptying the ash from the Squirrel and refilling the coal scuttle.

Since then, we've been loafing in the warm. I'll be having a final walk with Elanor and Sally later on, so I'm not finished exercising yet.

The ice has pretty well all gone; the noise of revving engines and whining bow thrusters has been drifting over the air from time to time as those with full toilet tanks make a dash for the services. Ah me, the sound of spring on the cut, the mating call of the shiny boat as its bow thruster tries to lure an unsuspecting mate within reach...


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