Monday, 9 February 2015

Some days are diamond...

... and this has been one of them. The sun shone, the weather was balmy if you were out of the wind and things went mostly to plan.

Sheila's been doing the laundry, it being Monday, and I spent much of the morning pottering about doing this and that. We went for a walk round before lunch, finishing in the shop to pick up some more oranges and some biscuits for this afternoon.

After lunch, Sheila did a routine check of the credit card statement with myself doing the actual key pressing. It has occurred to us that I should be at least on nodding terms with all her routine finance procedures just in case I need to take over for any reason.

Not that we're expecting anything to go wrong, but it's better to be safe than sorry, obviously. No sign of the refund from Elite Furnishings yet, but we're giving him until the end of this week before chasing the money from the bank that operates our card.

After lunch, Peter and Katie came round to discuss the quiz we're doing with them a fortnight on Wednesday. They are a lovely couple and it was a merry meeting. They've gone off to do some more rounds and we'll foregather again on board their boat, Uriah Heep, this time next week.

I'll be interested to see a New and Used widebeam from the inside.

It's still looking really good out there; let's hope we're going to have an early Spring this year!

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