Monday, 2 February 2015

Progress one way, problems elsewhere

First the good bits: when we went into the lodge this afternoon, the areas of floor we did yesterday looked much better for it. We moved furniture around and vacuumed and mopped the other halves of the main bedroom and the living area. That lot can be oiled tomorrow, hopefully.

Sheila's been pressing on with the Monday wash, too. It's mostly done, though a load of tumbling still needs taking up to the block, also probably tomorrow now. It's very cold out there, as it is across the country, by the looks of things.

Now for the less good issue: don't you just hate it when a supplier lets you down and you have to start getting heavy with them? The guy from Elite Furnishings didn't phone back last week as he promised, so I called him again this morning. The story this time is that the chairs are definitely on their way from Sweden, but are held up in the shipping hub in Milton Keynes for import procedures to be dealt with.

He promised that he'd chase the carrier and get back to me. (He also reassured me that they had been paid for; up until that moment I'd never thought that they might not be).

Guess what? Nope, not a peep.

Meanwhile, when I posted about this on the Braidbar Owners' Forum, one of the owners in waiting came back and said that he'd been told that Elite are going on holiday on Thursday for two weeks.

I'll give them until Wednesday to ring back, I think. After that, it looks like we shall be asking for our money back and getting in touch with Mr Wilson at Kinver. Thank goodness we paid by credit card and can reclaim the money from the bank if Elite won't or can't refund us.


Sue said...

Ah! Our fellow moorers are also waiting for a delivery from Elite. They have been waiting 8 weeks for a sofa.

Elite said they were on holiday from last Saturday 31st Jan for one week.

They are not answering their emails having said they would send someone down to measure space.

I did do some research for them to see if Elite were in trouble but now I see your latest blog perhaps there should be some concern?

Bruce in Sanity said...

I don't know what's going on, but it's worrying. I'm going to call them this afternoon now and will post the result.

They seem to be using the holiday excuse for different dates. I'm sympathetic to struggling SMEs, but I don't like excuses that don't ring true.