Sunday, 8 February 2015

Still bright and cold

This high pressure weather is forecast to end soon, but it's hanging on at the moment. We had a sharp frost overnight and a bright cold day today. A warm front is heading our way, though, so it's bound to get milder soon.

It meant that the WeBBS walkers had a good session although most of what they had spotted when I caught up with them was land based rather than the waterfowl they are mainly interested in. In particular, redwing and bullfinch pairs are hanging about at the back of the marina.

Sheila tells me that they did manage to see a little grebe on the pond in the south field along with plenty of coot and tufted duck as well as the ubiquitous mallard.

Whilst they were engaged in this, I took a walk round by myself, heading for the shop the long way round. I took a few shots with the new camera; I'm gradually getting the hang of it and have now got it set up more or less the way I want it.

I'm also getting better at using the WiFi facility to transfer the photos to the iPad. They'll get backed up onto the Mini in due course. Here's an example from today (I've now disabled the irritating date stamp on it, as well as setting the correct year...)

After lunch we loafed for a bit. It was too cold to wash either the boat or the lodge windows, so we took ourselves for another walk round. It was starting to cloud over and not nearly as nice as the morning, but still worthwhile.

It's been quiet since, though I have made a loaf of bread using some multiseed flour I got in the Ocado order. That's baking as I type this and will provide lunch tomorrow and Tuesday, hopefully.

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