Tuesday, 3 February 2015

What a dog

There we were, thinking dozily about bed yesterday evening, when a last email check brought this plea:

Emergency message from Sally to her grandparents.

Help me, I've had a terrible evening!

First mum sets off the washing machine and the tumble dryer, then she starts using that horrible vacuum thing. I did my best to protect her but she hurt her foot, so then there was blood and first aid stuff and cleaning and drying and all sorts of things! Then she insisted on finishing the vacuuming which was very worrying. I thought it was all over when she put the cleaner away but she started on me!

First she clipped my claws even though I told her they were fine! AND she only gave me one treat per paw rather than one treat per claw! Then she brushed me, which was ok actually. BUT THEN she forced me to have a shower! I tried to tell her I couldn't get into the bath but she manhandled me in and tortured me with warm water and shampoo!

When she finally let me go, she didn't get tea but spent ages in the bath herself. She even insisted on rinsing my hairs away first! They were clean hairs!

Then, when she EVENTUALLY got tea, SHE DE FLEAD ME!!!

She didn't even give me extra tea! No Mummy, cheese rind doesn't count as extra tea. 😭
I want to come and live with you two. I'm not talking to her! For at least five minutes!

Love and licks from an exhausted Sally

Just to reassure folk, Elanor's foot is OK, just skinned on a little toe where she tripped over Sally whilst moving a rug, and Sally is reconciled to living with her Mummy, whom she loves very dearly most of the time.

Meanwhile we've had a generally good day, pottering in the morning and three-quarters of an hour's work got the oiling and buffing done this afternoon.

I tried ringing Elite again, but the answer phone was on. I've left a message that unless the chairs are delivered by Friday week, I shall cancel the contract and go elsewhere.

I see Wilson's are selling the new style narrower Captain's Chair cheaper than the Elite Brindley and have them in stock for immediate delivery.

More info when I hear back from Elite, if I do. I'll send them a confirmation of my ultimatum by recorded delivery tomorrow.

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