Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A productive trip

Things have gone generally well today, though poor Sheila was feeling rather bored by the time I got back. I took the 11.25 into Derby which ran pretty well to time and scuttled into the Intu shopping centre as the rain threatened. A visit to Nationwide to get some folding stuff was followed by the purchase of a chicken tikka pasty for lunch from the West Cornwall pasty shop.

I had a fair bit of time to kill as my appointment wasn't until 1.15, so had a leisurely prowl round the centre. I had a look at crumpet rings in Lakeland, but they are rather small and wouldn't be any good for shaping decent size baps which was what I had in mind.

I ended up in Sainsbury's stocking up on stuff I can't get in the marina shops before wandering over to Boots, still early, and checking in. I took the opportunity to have my reading specs checked out; they've been tending to shed their lenses at times.

In the event, I was seen early and dealt with expeditiously, so was free in good time to catch the 2.00 back. This allowed me to have a ramble round the Derby Market Hall before settling down in the bus station to doze and listen to Radio Derby.
Back at the marina, we've been taking it easy. We now seem to be getting proper early Spring weather, sunshine and showers, some of them pretty fierce with hail. I'll get another Salambulation this evening, so I hope we hit a sunny spell...



Dave Mckenna said...

Hey Bruce & Shelia.
Glad to hear Shelia is on the mend.

When you setting off from the marina ?

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Dave

It'll be the end of April or first week of May before we can escape, after Sheila gets the all clear on her toe.

All the best