Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Making the most of it

It's been a lovely day today and we've tried to make the most of it. Sheila made use of the disabled shower facility in the facilities block with my help and later on I did a trip to the front to buy some eggs, so that we could have omelettes for lunch. (I know, Jo, I should have gone to Betty's the other day and used my free eggs voucher.)

Back at the boat and after coffee I topped up the batteries and did a general check round the engine bay. All was well, though the stern gland had dripped quite a bit. I turned the greaser down hard and nipped up the gland just a fraction.

It being a quiz night tonight, we wanted a cooked lunch and, of course, couldn't go to either the Willow Tree or Still Waters for it, hence the omelettes. I had some double Gloucester with onions and chives cheese and some mushrooms so they came out fairly scrummy though I say it myself. I'd bought one of Sainsbury's delicious multiseed loaves yesterday to have with them.

This afternoon was still warm and sunny, so Sheila took the opportunity to sit out on the picnic bench by Block 3 for a bit. Later, I took a walk round the marina. The extra seats round the notice board are now finished and I managed to remember to take my camera and get some photos. This is a chance for me to see how well Blogsy copes with inserting images:

Already popular
Good view of the Boardwalk

... and of the marina

Now folk can see the back of the big sign board


Jo said...

Bruce - I've pinched a picture for the Newsletter? The first of your quartet suited me admirably. I have, of course, paid due acknowledgement! Jo

Bruce in Sanity said...


That's fine, I'll pop the invoice in the post, shall I?




Jo said...