Thursday, 26 March 2015

Oh no, what have we done!

It was an interesting quiz last night, very different in style with several of the rounds more an intellectual exercise than a test of memory or factual knowledge. It was also just a bit too long, unfortunately, making it feel very rushed towards the end. Still, we had a great night with Peter and Katie. The only thing was...

... team "Heep of Sanity" won again, both the main event and the interval quiz. Bit embarrassing that – we happened to be all on form, and our areas of specialist knowledge complement each other nicely. The winner of last month's quiz is setting the April one, so we will be responsible for the first one after we get back, in October.

Peter and Katie had kindly given us a lift to and from the front to save Sheila trying to walk it; what good friends they are.

Today, a lazy start, as you would expect. We didn't have any special stuff to do so it's been a day for getting on with the routine of day to day living. Sheila's toe seems to be continuing to recover despite its outing last night.

I laminated the new CRT licences, did some housework and then had a walk round the marina in a very strong, blustery wind this afternoon. It's due to moderate as the day goes on, which is good as Elanor and Sal are coming round later and Sal really hates having her ears blown about.

Right, that's your lot, I'm off to give my beard a darn good spring trimming :-}


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