Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Getting back to normal

The wind was indeed less obtrusive last night and allowed us to get a reasonable amount of sleep, aided by the fact that we are able to share a bed again in view of the good progress of Sheila's foot. Even so, we had a very leisurely start this morning and it was after ten before we'd finished breakfast.

I took a large quantity of recycling round to the skips whilst Sheila did the first of the month account checks. This led to some alarm when one of them, a savings account of mine with the Halifax, seemed to have disappeared. Apparently, HBOS was having an April Fool of its own in that their online banking system had thrown a wobbly; all was well again by this afternoon.

It's turned soggy and breezy out there again, but we're hopeful that it will all calm down and we'll have a decent weekend for Easter.

The other good news is that Blogsy can now access Flickr accounts again – some changes to the API had been causing difficulties. Of course Flickr is now owned by Yahoo, notorious for ill-advised modifications to the software. No matter, here's a photo from my Flickr account to show that it's working:

Swan upping at Abingdon
Tomorrow, our second session with Peter Hampton.


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