Friday, 3 April 2015

A soggy but productive day

Hopefully, this is the last damp day for a bit. We had a relaxed start as the Ocado delivery wasn't due until our usual 10 to 11 am slot. Sheila protected her dressing with a carrier bag wrapped over it and lurked inside the boat until I radioed that the van was on its way round.

With lunch in mind, I stopped off on the way back to buy some tasty cheese topped rolls from Still Waters and then got involved in a couple of enquiries about the invalid's progress. As a result, the delivery was all done and the van on its way back out by the time I got to the boat. Sheila wasn't bothered, though she'd left the heavy bags in the well deck for me to lift down.

We got it all checked off and stowed away in good time before lunch. Meanwhile, Caitlin Jane has gone out for a few days. Since Inkling, Tigerocerous and the boat that moors beyond have also left, we're rather sat on our own like Billy No Mates. Never mind, it means it's a) quiet and b) very light in the boat. Assuming it is a bit drier tomorrow, I'll try and get a couple of photos of Sanity Again whilst you can see the whole length of her.

After lunch, we had a call from the office to say that the cleaners had reported that the Walnut bath plug had parted company from its chain (again), so I nipped up there with my trusty Gerber multi-tool and refixed it.

This afternoon we also turned to and laminated the text strips for the Lodges display on Monday, after which I went over to the office to drop them off. It's still drizzling out there, so that's been the sum total of my exercise for the day.

Tonight, spag bol, I think and tomorrow Sally comes to stay.


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