Thursday, 2 April 2015

Getting stuff sorted

It's a lovely day but I've not got a lot to write about. This is because most of the morning was taken up with our second meeting with Peter about wills, LPAs and trusts. When he'd done, we had lunch and then loafed about for a while.

I did eventually organise myself to take a walk round the marina, winding up in the office where I guillotined the text strips ready for the Lodges Stand at the Easter Fair on Monday. We'll laminate them over the weekend, no doubt with Sally's enthusiastic assistance.

Sheila took a walk just now to the zig-zags again, stopping to natter to various folk as we went. Sal and Elanor are coming round tonight, then on Saturday we are dog-sitting for a week whilst Elanor has a holiday. Meantime, we have an Ocado delivery tomorrow, in the rain probably.

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