Saturday, 4 April 2015

An expected guest

We have a holiday guest for the next week, namely Sally, aka the Black Hearted Sinner Dog, Zebedee and Grumblestiltskin. Elanor had managed to give her a good run (and I mean run) on the washlands before she came over to us, so Sally's been kipping for much of the time since, though she did have a walk round the marina with me after lunch.

She's not willing to blog today, but I'll see what I can do later this week.

I saw Elanor off on the 12.25 train to Derby; we'd been a bit worried after all the media hype about how bad the trains were going to be this weekend, but it was a) on time and b) nearly empty. We've since had a text to say that she joined her Edinburgh train without difficulty and that her booked seat was still vacant.

Before all this started happening, I nipped out and took some photos of Sanity Again on her pontoon. With so many other boats away, it's possible to get a clear view of her, there being now four berths vacant on the port side and one to starboard:

What a lot of boat!
This is the side that's been polished...



Dogsontour by Greygal said...

You keep her looking very nice, which is no mean feat when there are 70 of them!


Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks! We aim to wash and polish both sides twice a year, and usually manage it.