Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Ambling about

We've had a very relaxed day, ambling out doing this and that with no major projects to chase up for once. A trip to the front first thing to buy bread for lunch was the occasion for a first this year. A pair of swallows were flitting about by the dry dock building. One swallow doesn't make a summer, naturally, but two is a good start.

Later on we were chatting to Stewart as he laid some paving to make the base for a seat in the sensory garden and he told us that a pair usually nest in the dry dock roof. Must say, it didn't feel terribly summery just then; that chilly northerly wind was back with a vengeance.

After lunch I took a brisk walk round the marina whilst Sheila went the other way. We foregathered at the front and, the wind having dropped a bit, decided to celebrate the swallows with an ice cream apiece. Mind you, I'm presently reading that entertaining but strange book Aberystwyth Mon Amour by Malcolm Pryce, so ice cream eating isn't as unremarkable as it once was...

If you don't know them, the Aberystwyth books are a strange amalgam of Chandleresque noir with gentle humour at the expense of modern Welsh culture, quite unique in their way and distinctly chuckle provoking, especially if you're ever lived in West Wales. (Just don't get on the wrong side of the druids if you don't want to find a donkey's head in your bed.)

After we'd ambled back, we sat out in the well deck, the windward side of the cratch down to make a cosy location – I've had to come in to do this blog before I fell asleep. Looks like it's back to more normal April weather for a few days, but we can always hope for more of this later in the year.

Can't we?


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