Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Back and forth we go

We got up, dressed and breakfasted in reasonable time this morning, aided by the fact that we are now sleeping with the bedroon houdini propped open on its wine cork overnight. This means we get to see the early sun and hear the dawn chorus, at the risk of being dripped on by the condensation. The early start was motivated by our desire to get across to the service wharf before the Avante boats started using it.

As a result, we were away just after half eight and pumping out well before nine. Sure enough, Much Ado turned up before it was time to call the office at nine and ask for some diesel. The Avante boats used to be called the Shakespeare Classic line and all have Shakespearian names. We won't mention the one that says Cymberline on its bow flash but Cymbeline on its name panel...

I also called the Still Waters number and Michael said he'd come across to deliver our pre-paid cylinder of propane, which he duly did even before Jules got there to unlock the fuel pump. It was a flat calm most of the time, though a little bit of breeze popped up as I was preparing to reverse back onto our pontoon. I actually managed to mess this manoeuvre up slightly, starting the turn too soon, but we succeeded in getting sorted without touching Inkling alongside.

Since then, we've been resting on our laurels, rather. We had a coffee then walked round to the office to pay up and to buy some bread for lunch. After that meal and a bit of a post prandial eye strain relief (you close them for a while and make noises suggestive of sleep, without actually falling asleep, of course), we did our split marina walk and treated ourselves to yet another ice cream.

Well, this weather cannot possibly last and it would be a shame to miss out. The outdoor team have been at work in the sensory garden, extending the supports for the tree walk section.

Tonight, a Salambulation and tomorrow the quiz. Looks like we'll be on our own, not having found alternative partners to Peter and Katie. Oh well, it'll give the rest a chance ;).

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