Thursday, 23 April 2015

Where was I?

I can hear you asking. The answer is that yesterday got a bit complicated, as one of my teeth, the one most recently root treated, twice, started grumbling to itself and hurting if I tapped it. I'd have waited to see if it got worse, but we want to get away as soon as we've had our initial check ups from the new dentist and I didn't want to be told I needed a couple of weeks' treatment for an abcess then.

So I rang them and got an emergency appointment for 4.45 that afternoon. This meant taking the 3.25 bus as the next one might well be late and I'd miss my appointment. Meantime, we had lunch at a very busy Coffee Shop; loads of folk out on the Boardwalk patronising both the Coffee Shop and the Bistro.

Duly caught the 3.25 which did indeed run a bit late. I had to kill three quarters of an hour in Littleover, a chance to explore the bits you don't see from the bus, before presenting myself at the dentist. First impressions are very good; friendly, relaxing even, and efficient service.

An X-ray showed that the root treatment still hasn't reached the tip of one of the roots and that a bit of infection has taken hold. Chris Tavares the dentist lived up to his reputation for giving clear advice about treatment choices. Apparently that molar (the 6) is very hard to root treat unless you are an expert, and he would normally refer on for it. But that would cost, naturally, and the chances of success are not brilliant even so, given that two attempts have already failed.

In the end, I decided (with his support) to leave it alone for the time being and see if it settles. It may blow up suddenly, of course, but quite possibly not for months or years. If it does, his recommendation would be to go for an extraction, at an emergency NHS unit if we're away from the marina at the time.

I got back to the marina in time for a sandwich meal before we went to the quiz. This was a classic type set by Peter and Janet from Sanity and their friends and was very good. Working as a duo, we managed to score 97 out of about 140, in the middle of the pack. We're quite pleased about that. Jo, Wynne, Mike Coates and Julia won, so they'll have the fun of setting the next one in September, I guess.

Hee, hee.

Today, we're doing a serious boat clean. Tomorrow, pooch sitting for 24 hours so that Elanor can go to a works do, plus the visit of the journo from the Burton Mail.

Hope she likes dogs...

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