Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Healthy progress

I try not to burble on about health issues too much here ("You don't?" I hear you cry), but I thought today would be a good day to do a catch up as we've just been back to Out Patients with Sheila's foot. First off, of course, another huge thank you to Jo James who uncomplainingly took us there, waited around whilst Sheila got seen and then brought us back. A truly good person.

The clinic was mildly disorganised again; Sheila was booked to have her dressing changed when she actually needed to be X-rayed and then seen by the consultant, but they got it sorted out ok, although it meant waiting an extra half hour. Jo and I took the opportunity to pop across to the Marks and Sparks food hall in the entrance to the hospital.

When we got back, Sheila had gone off to X-ray. On her return, she and I went to an exam room where she was seen almost at once by the consultant. So it ended up with quite an efficient encounter, though only thanks to the staff's ability to improvise, as it were.

Anyway, the outcome was very good; Mr Rajan is extremely pleased with progress, the implant is in the right place and well established and there is no reason why Sheila shouldn't resume normal activities.

Except that she couldn't get her shoe on...

Her foot is a bit swollen from not being used normally; apparently this is to be expected and will resolve as she gets back to full use of the joints. She's to have some physio and in the meantime has some simple foot waggling exercises to do. We'll have this week to get her moving again before setting off for Crick. She'll be seen in clinic and for another gait analysis in the Autumn.

As far as I'm concerned, we've now finished anointing the backs of my hands with the sinister cream and I'm using moisturiser to reduce the post treatment itching. So far they don't look as bad as my face did at this stage, but are clearly affected and I can look forward to another week or so of the skin erupting and peeling off. The best moisturiser turns out to be Neutragena Norwegian Formula, by the way.

That's enough of all that for quite a bit, hopefully. Tonight, a Salambulation and a celebratory drink, methinks.


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