Saturday, 30 May 2015

Heading back

We had a good meal in the Boathouse last night, though going early meant that there were quite a lot of noisy kids about. In fact, such was the volume from one young man at an adjoining table that I turned my hearing aid off for a bit. Sheila was quite envious. After our hard work, we rather stuffed ourselves with three courses and two rounds of drinks, though the bill still only came to around £35 including tips. Now that's boater's fare at boater's prices – shame the Boardwalk at Mercia doesn't see it that way :(.

Notwithstanding all this decadence, we managed an early night and a decent kip, rising quite early to move onto the water point before eating breakfast whilst the tank filled. We'd used three-quarters of a tank between the Wednesday before Crick and the Friday after, including two washloads.

It was a very pleasant day for boating and there was plenty of traffic about. We had a good run to Hillmorton and worked down in fine style, crossing with uphill boats at every lock. The towpath below was pretty well full, making us a bit anxious about finding somewhere to tie at Brownsover. I baked some more petits pains as we went along.

We've tied on the parkside for once, initially at the Clifton end, but several impacts with hireboats failing to get round the bend made us decide to move to the other end after lunch. Once that was done, we walked to Tesco and bought quite a lot of grub as well as some more cough medicine for Sheila, whose cold is proving a bit reluctant to clear up. Both day sacks and both green cloth carrier bags were full so it was a very gentle stagger back to the boat.

Tonight, spaghetti carbonara and tomorrow, on to Sutton's Stop.

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