Saturday, 20 June 2015

A bit wet then very wet

There had been a plan to help Elanor put some fresh felt on her shed roof this morning, but the forecast discouraged that and she went into work instead. In the event, it was only mizzling wet for most of the morning and it dried up over lunch. We walked round to the front to get a few final supplies for tonight then loafed indoors for a bit. After lunch Elanor and Sally looked in and we had a session in field two with the throw tyre.

They went off again and we did a bit more loafing before I got my act together and made a batch of white dough so that we can have crusty rolls with the starter. It's now raining with a vengeance with a bit of thunder thrown in. This being the penultimate weekend in June, a fair few boats have been moving around, doing their ten month shuffle.

With luck we won't be here for the final flurry next weekend.

Tomorrow, Sheila's going off with Elanor to see her ride whilst I dog sit, probably. Sally and I will have a quiet time together.

Better stop there; I've got a bit of cooking to do...

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