Sunday, 21 June 2015

Great evening, quiet day

What a good evening in excellent company that was. What's more, the food came together as planned with no obvious disasters. We were quite sensible as regards time, too, so it wasn't an especially late night.

This morning, we finished up tidying and putting things back into 'just the two of us' mode. Elanor arrived a bit before half ten and swapped Sally for Sheila. Sal and I had a walk round the marina then a quiet time in the boat, once Sal had reconciled herself to Elanor's absence. Meanwhile, Sheila and Elanor went off to the stables for some equestrian activity.

They didn't get back until after one, so I lunched on my own apart from sharing an apple core with Sal and then issuing the obligatory carrot. When the other half of the party returned, Elanor and Sal and I went to field two for some tyre chasing, zooming and rummaging. I'm sorry to say that we found the remains of a kestrel in the field. Only the skeleton and wings were left so it's impossible to know what killed it, but from its position we suspect it had collided with the power lines which cross that field.

Back at the boat, we had some family time together before Elanor went off to do stuff like mowing her lawn. Sheila and I have put the rest of the time to good loafing use. We hope for some more decent weather in the week to come so as to get on with the other varnishing and well deck painting that needs to be done.

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