Friday, 19 June 2015

Hanging around

In the end it all went well, not least thanks to Wonder Woman Jo, but for a while it looked like we might have a problem. Sheila had been told by Charles Taylor, the patio furniture people, that the driver would be delivering the new furniture this morning and would give us an hour's notice of his arrival.

So we had one of those mornings of hanging around, doing bits and pieces but not liking to get heavily involved in something. After lunch and the post-prandial internal eyelid inspection session, we gave up waiting and took a walk round the marina, popping into the Farm Shop to stock up on bread flour now that I'm baking regularly again. On our way back we stopped to chat to John off George and no sooner had we finished than the phone rang.

"I'm at Dale Farm but I can't see your lodge."

Aaargh. I shot back to the vehicle gate to find him waiting there and Sheila went round to the lodge, phoning Jo as she went. We all rendezvoused at Walnut, where I'm pleased to say the furniture fitted onto the patio very nicely.

With Jo's help we moved the old stuff to a store from which it will hopefully be collected by someone who wants it, or if not, Jo will advertise it in the newsletter to go to a good home in exchange for a donation to the Air Ambulance fund.

Back at the boat, I've started some tomato and garlic dough which I think/hope will make a good focaccia. After that, a quiet evening is indicated, getting the personal batteries fully charged ready for tomorrow, when we have Jo and Wynne for dinner.

Very tasty!


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Jo said...

The furniture looks VERY nice! Did you give them the dimensions so it would fit so beautifully? (Mind you, I hear from Sheila it fitted so well, you (Bruce) were part of the display and had to exit over the balcony rail !!