Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Coming together

It's a case of so far, so good with our preparations to get boating again on Friday. The weather has stayed dry, though now quite breezy and with some rain promised for tomorrow and especially Friday, what a surprise. Shane in the Raspberry van delivered our Ocado order in good time this morning, even ringing when ten minutes away as asked by the notes to the driver. Everything was there, plus an extra Morrisons cucumber as a lagniappe.

By the time we'd put it all away it was getting on for lunchtime. Sheila had run a couple of extra washloads, including doing the bedding a few days early, so we'll not need to run the machine for the first few days of boating. I rang Western Cars and booked a taxi for tomorrow morning; my first appointment is at 10.15, too soon to risk the 9.25 bus being late and the 8.10 would be ludicrously early. Western are very efficient, identifying me from my phone without even asking for its number. They text you on the day to confirm that the taxi is on its way.

This afternoon, I took a walk down into the village and collected a repeat prescription which I'd ordered last Friday. It means I'm now well stocked with meds and should not need another repeat until we get to Poynton in late August. Sheila meanwhile took herself for a walk round the marina, bought some fresh milk from the shop and collected a bit of post from the office.

We've just had half an hour sitting in the well deck drinking tea and reading, though the breeze is a bit much now so we've retreated indoors. There may not be a blog tomorrow – we'll probably be quite late back from Derby after an afternoon appointment at London Road and will certainly be quite weary.

So hopefully my next post will be on Friday from the towpath, hooray.

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Jo said...

OOO - new word - langiape. Had to look it up. Nice word! We'll miss you when you're out but then you'll blog so that's o.k!