Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Good day AND good weather

It's been really summery again today, hooray. After an early start, we got the well deck washed, rinsed and dried before coffee break. After the break, I masked off the sides of the deck whilst having an altercation with a Canada goose. This horrible bird actually flew up onto the gunwale, scattering water droplets over the carefully prepared surface. It soon jumped back into the water but continued to hang around so I grabbed the empty bucket from the top of the locker and swung it at it.

The clonk was very satisfying and the bird swam off at some speed.

I think I'd got through to it that it wasn't welcome...

It took less than half an hour to brush a good coat of black onto the deck. I thought about rollering it, but there are a lot of uneven patches in the non-slip coating and the brush lets you get the paint well down into them. Once done, we came and went via the stern, though by lunchtime it was pretty well dry.

After lunch, some IT type stuff got done before I set to and removed the masking tape. Sheila had been tracking the delivery of our new Dickies waterproof coveralls, so once she'd finished what she was doing online, we walked round to the office and collected the parcel. I also bought another pump out token so that we can pump out on our way out on Friday without waiting for the office to open.

Back at the boat, I made a batch of dough for rolls for tomorrow and Wednesday. The coveralls are just the right size, though very hot to wear in the present conditions.

Elanor and Sally are coming round tonight, complete with a cooked chicken for us to use with salads for a few days. Tomorrow...


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