Monday, 22 June 2015

Good day despite the weather

It's really not been very summery today (this is called litotes) but nonetheless we've managed to get a lot done. Being Monday, washloads have been run and recycling taken to the skips. We did that on our way round the marina, calling in at Still Waters when we got to the front to get some perishables and to ask for a gas cylinder to be delivered, the gas having run out as I was making the first thing cup of tea.

At least it wasn't raining then as I had had to pop out clad in dressing gown and pyjamas to turn the changeover valve over. As I've probably said before, we could have an automatic valve, but then you have to keep checking it in order to know when to change a cylinder. As it was, it started raining when I was unfastening the empty, ready for Grahame to bring a full one.

This he did before lunchtime and for once the new one sealed properly straightaway. I further improved the shining hour by descaling the mixer tap over the galley sink. I've discovered that the end cap screws off so that it can be bathed in LeeScale to get rid of the unsightly and drip-causing scale on its rim.

After lunch, we did a bit of work under the dinette, improving the storage space in the corner where we keep the out of season clothes. It now looks quite smart down there.

Sheila, meanwhile, was shuttling to and fro with tumbling as well as lending a hand when I needed one.

Finally, I popped off to Midland Chandlers to get a can of their basic hull black which we use for the gunwales. It's a bit odd, I know – we use the Andy Russell Gunnel Black on the well deck, as it dries quickly and keeps its appearance, and the cheapo MC stuff on the actual gunwales.

Jobs still to be done are the aforesaid well deck and going round the hatch frames with the varnish. The finish does tire in the sun and the answer is to keep rubbing them down and revarnishing, ideally every year. That job, though, can be done on the towpath on a suitably sunny day (if we ever get one again) whereas the well deck really needs doing before we set out again at the end of the week. I'm hopeful that tomorrow's weather will be good for that last.


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