Tuesday, 9 June 2015

More done than expected

Things started off pretty much as expected today, with a relaxed start and then the wait for the Ocado order. Mark in the Onion van was early and only gave me five minutes notice of his arrival, so I did a bit of power walking to let him in.

We'd just got started on the checking and putting away when Jo popped in. She was going to Derby in the late morning, and did I want a lift in to get the 3 SIM sorted? Since this would save giving up another half day to do it, I was very pleased to accept. We had time for the checking and storage and even a cup of coffee beforehand.

Things were very straightforward in the 3 shop in Intu, chwarae teg, as they say in Wales. It cost me a fiver to have the micro SIM in the old phone replaced by a nano SIM in the iPhone. It all seems to be working fine, though there are one or two things I need to get used to, rather different ways of doing stuff compared to Android or Nokia systems. Enabling the hotspot is much quicker, though the connection seems to drop with non-use, something to explore over the next couple of days.

After lunch we took a walk round the marina, stopping to admire Ian and Alison's new mobile home with which they are very pleased. It's been a quiet afternoon, pottering and playing with the new toy. Wynne is coming round later to talk about wifi aerials and routers and Elanor and Sally are due at some point too.

Tomorrow, more of the same, like as not.

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