Wednesday, 10 June 2015

More help from the James's

Not only did Jo James give me that useful lift into Derby yesterday, she also passed on our message to Wynne that we were interested in the wifi booster system he supplies to boaters in the marina. Accordingly, he popped in as soon as he got back from work last evening and set up this handy piece of kit. It consists of an aerial outside joined to a router in the boat by a USB cable. In this way, the marina wifi signal is rebroadcast inside with the router's own identity and password.

We've been trying it today and it is indeed potent, giving very adequate data speeds. The only problem we have is how to arrange the cable permanently; at the moment we're just running it in through the open bow doors, fine in the summer but not so good in the winter. Methinks we've got another little task for Peter Mason when we go to Braidbar in the Autumn...

It's been a day for pottering again. I've pretty well finished setting up the iPhone and Sheila took a trip into the village to get her hair done. The new ironing board cover arrived and has been fitted on the lodge board. Sheila has also ordered some better patio furniture from Charles Taylor of Leek. It should arrive before we leave the marina again and is of a chunky wooden design. Photos in due course...

The 1Gb Acer Liquid E2 has no resale value that I can see. The later versions all have much more memory and even the phone recyclers don't offer anything for this one. This afternoon I spent a bit of time resetting it to remove all personal data and doing the same for a couple of old Nokias I found lurking. I will however keep the 6310 as the real emergency back up phone; the others will be donated to one of the charities, probably.

Traffic jams meant that Elanor didn't make it to us last night – we're hoping she does tonight so that Sally can enjoy a run in the marina field.

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