Friday, 31 July 2015

Wobbly start, great finish

It's been a very good day, overall, but tiring, so apologies if this post is a bit condensed! We actually had quite a bad night, not sure why. Dinner had been a bit late because we had a very good natter with Elanor after we'd run Sally, so we were a bit later to bed than usual. No problem with that, but Sheila had a restless night and I started another spell of labyrinthitis so felt very unsettled.

My dizziness persisted into the morning. Sheila volunteered to go and let the Ocado driver in, who promptly gave us very short notice. Sheila bombed round there but, before she made it, the driver had been let in by someone else. Fortunately he'd already phoned me again so I was able to give him the directions to find Block 3.

The order was mostly ok, except for a few bruised apples. I managed to eat some lunch despite feeling a bit yucky with the dizziness and had a doze afterwards which helped a great deal. I should have mentioned that the weather has been glorious all day. Jo was volocking at Stenson and we took a walk along there, the longest Sheila has done since her op. That was very pleasant indeed, especially as we rewarded ourselves with ice cream from the cafe.

Back at the marina, we called in at the office and collected a load of parcels, socks for me, a new electronic scale for the galley, a cigar lighter to USB charging socket and the surprise prizes for the Owners' Weekend Quiz, hee, hee.

On our way back, whom should we see but Ann and Iain on Kelpie just arriving at the marina to shop at Midland Chandlers. We popped down and had a natter with them, including apologising for telling them that they could get food at the Rising Sun in Willington, where apparently they were told that food hadn't been available there for five years. This is very odd, as I distinctly recall an excellent Thai meal in that pub 18 months ago...

Heigh ho, one of those little mysteries. We're looking forward to a quiet weekend. If this weather holds, we should get some varnishing done at last.

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Jo said...

And I locked Ann and Iain through Stenson! They arrived about 10 minutes after you'd left to walk back to the Marina.