Saturday, 1 August 2015

More exercise

We didn't have any very specific plans for today, so had a lazy start and finally got going at around eight. After breakfast we had a brisk walk round the marina, with a stop off at the shop for milk and cheesy topped baps, yum, and at the office to hand in a copy of our CRT licence for the file. Back at the boat we gave the cabin a good sweep through, including thoroughly brushing all the mats.

We were expecting Elanor and Sally in the afternoon and didn't want to leave any bits of grit around for her to chew. In the event, we hardly came into the boat whilst they were here as it was so pleasant to sit in the well deck and natter to our neighbours on both sides. Before that, we had another walk round as it was too hot to run Sal in the field.

We've got folk on both sides at the moment; the crew of Tigerocerous have been here most of the day getting her ready for a family outing tomorrow.

It's all been very pleasant indeed, but doesn't leave me with a lot to write about. No varnishing got done because of predicted rain this afternoon, which has just started to show up. It looks drier for tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get some done then.

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