Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A bit damp

It tipped it down overnight but fortunately dried up by morning and, indeed, was a very pleasant day first thing. We'd tried to be clever with the Ocado order and co-ordinate it with Jo's delivery to Linden Lodge, but it was not to be. When the text messages came through, we had different drivers on different vans. Presumably, the van routes are worked out as the orders come in, so any serious time gap is liable to have this result.

I've emailed Ocado customer services to ask if there's a way of increasing the likelihood of getting our orders into the same delivery. The thing is that, if we do, it means only one of us having to go to the front gate to let the van through. I also asked about the bag return bonus. In common with all other major retailers, Ocado now has to charge 5p per bag used. In return they have promised to repay 5p for each bag returned to them. We were in the habit of sending our bags back anyway, so this is no big deal for us.

However, we sent 15 bags back this time and only got credit for ten of them. It seems a bit daft querying such a small cash discrepancy, but if they offer the deal, they should keep to it, I reckon.

Our order was actually early, so we were all sorted by half ten and took ourselves for a walk round the marina. The sky was already clouding over again and it's been raining quite hard this afternoon. We're hoping that it will have cleared away by this evening as Elanor and Sally are coming for a peramble.

Meanwhile, the afternoon's been spent watching things on the iPads, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers for Sheila and an episode of Blakes 7 for me.

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