Monday, 5 October 2015

A hygienic day

We'd originally had two appointments with the dental hygienist several weeks apart, but Beatrice at the practice rang the other day and said that she'd got a double cancellation for 11.20 today, and did we want it? This seemed a very good idea, so we caught the 10.25 into Littleover, did some shopping in the Co-op and presented ourselves a bit early for the appointment.

Whilst there, we made further dates for routine check-ups in November and our next hygienist sessions in March. I must say that the practice is very accommodating about our need to go boating in the summer. Furthermore, the scale and polish was very thorough, one of the best I've ever had, I reckon.

We got the 12.12 back. It was running ten minutes late, so it wasn't until gone half past that we were sitting down to pasties and soup in the boat.

On the way out, we'd bumped into Steve of Riverside Escape and Camellia Lodge and told him where we were going. He said that he and Denise were looking for a local dentist, so I picked up a practice leaflet whilst in Littleover. We dropped in at their lodge on our way round the marina after lunch and were promptly invited in for coffee, hospitable folk that they are.

We had a good old natter about this and that and finally dragged ourselves away about an hour later. We still did the walk, though, and bought some milk as we passed Still Waters. We've been relaxing a bit since. I had bought some organic stewing beef yesterday and that is now in the oven in a beef and beans casserole. I'll serve it with mashed potato and cabbage, I think.

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