Sunday, 4 October 2015

Relaxing Sunday, mostly

Despite fireworks and barking dogs last evening, we both had a decent night's sleep and a lazy start to the day. After breakfast and some constructive loafing, we had a walk round the marina, chatting to all and sundry as we went and ending at the monthly farmers' market. The baker wasn't there this month, but we got some nice sausages and some braising steak from an organic butcher's stall. We popped into the Farm Shop to buy rolls for lunch and I bought a bag of interesting bread flour whilst there.

I'd lit the fire before we went out as the boat was quite chilly and felt damp, so of course the weather has been improving all day and is now warm and sunny. Lunch was followed by a bit of a zizz in my case, though someone's snoring kept waking me up...

Having recently upgraded the iPads to iOS 9.0.1, the version of iTunes on the Macs would no longer do a sync or allow file transfers. The problem is that we are still running Snow Leopard, MacOS 10.6, on both the Mini and the MacBook. The choices were, therefore, to upgrade the OS on the Macs, risking a loss of performance as they are five years old and might not like El Capitan (the latest OS), buy a new laptop for both of us to use with El Capitan on it, or find a third party application which would get round the problem.

I didn't fancy the upgrade for the reasons given – the two machines are still perfectly adequate for our needs – and didn't particularly want the hassle and expense of buying a new machine and transferring all our stuff onto it. So I've spent the afternoon assessing iExplorer. It's $50 for two licences and with the addition of the free app iExplorer Mobile to the iPads will let us do everything we want in the way of backups and file transfers both ways.

In between, we had another amble round the marina in the sun and yet more chatting.

Excellent sausages tonight and a trip to see the dental hygienist tomorrow, oh joy.


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