Saturday, 3 October 2015

Busy again

Arose betimes and took breakfast in but leisurely manner. Afterwards to the lodge to restore the kettle to the kitchen and remove Cath's which she had lent us, believing ours to be leaking, which it was not, only scaly about the lip. Walking round the marina, we found Cath about her business in Block 2 and returned her appliance with much conversation concerning future plans for lettings and great praise for the stout work by her team in the cleaning and preparation of Walnut for its next tenant.

So to the shop for milk and to the office for news of the missing duvet, of which there was none. On our return to the lodge area, had some talk with Bev about lodgers' meetings, the first to be held next month with Robert in attendance.

By now, it was well past our usual hour for morning coffee, but made some anyway and read of the news whilst drinking it. A text from Elanor proposed that we lunch on the boat before accompanying her to Burton for shopping and a review of restorative work needed to be performed in her house, the which we readily assented to.

So to Morrisons, Halfords and Dunelm before spending the remainder of the afternoon in her house, where we were much made of by Sally. After agreeing the programme to be undertaken the week following next, back to the marina one and all and a walk about it in chilly conditions.

Into the office once more to view the returned duvet and collect the post, some nibs for our iPad styli and some very fine wet and dry paper. We have since filled the water tank, dropped the cratch cover and lit the fire in preparation for a quiet sojourn within for the remainder of the day.

Tomorrow, to market at the Boardwalk.


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