Thursday, 21 April 2016

Mostly very good...

... but weary. We had an excellent time yesterday evening with Peter and Susan, as you'd expect. Food, wine and talk were all great.

Overnight, however, I started to worry that the battery charger was staying on absorption rather than going to float voltage. Regular readers will recall that I'm quite neurotic about the batteries, so had a very broken night. Today, on Peter's advice, I left the shoreline off and allowed the batteries to discharge with the solar panel covered. When they were down to 70%, I put the shoreline back on and we're waiting to see what happens. If they are still not behaving in the morning, further investigations will be undertaken.

Now for the rest of the good news. The Fuel-Guard, fuel polishing circuit and Webasto are all functioning and we once more have central heating. There are some tidying up jobs to do and I need to get my head round the programmable timer, but lots of progress has been made. The boat is mostly back to normal apart from my half of the wardrobe.

Peter and Jan joined us in the Boar's Head for lunch, followed by ice creams at the Trading Post and chat sitting out on the lawn in the sun. Another excellent session!

We're planning on a quiet night tonight. On the current thinking, we should be leaving the yard tomorrow lunchtime.

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